Walgreens – Rock Springs, WY

70 Gateway Blvd, Rock Springs, WY 82901 (307) 382-2536

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“Vitamin Angels was founded upon learning that something as simple as a vitamin could change – and even save – children’s lives. 25 years later, to be working with Walgreens to raise quarters together is truly remarkable.”
-Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels’ founder and CEO

In January, Walgreens is running a Quarter Drive to help reach more children, like Adamu, with life-changing vitamins. Learn more: www.walgreens.com/vitaminangels
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Still waiting for management to respond to me about the ridiculous changes they made to Balance Rewards on 11/4 without forewarning anyone. I received nothing and most will tell you the same. CVS program much better now and as a company don't seem nearly as greedy.

That's what saved my life


Just spent 1/3 of my day at Walgreens sadly my I taken my wife to and Urgent Care Clinic and she was very sick... they electronically sent her prescriptions to the store. Aprox 30 min later when I was at the Pharmacy, they first could not find the scripts in the system and then thru did.. the pharmacists said it will take a couple hours to fill can you come back... we did and then they did not fill one of the scripts... the pharmacist said I thought you did not want this one. I told him yes we did so he filled it. You had a new Tech and she rang up the prescriptions and I told her to use the Auto pay she did not know how to use it and asked me to swipe my Health Card within my money on it of course it was rejected it has to be put in my the clerk she said try it again and then said your card is no good you will have to pay another way o asked her to have some one put it in the system. She said no.. I told her and the pharmacist this was not done right and I will notify corporate he got nasty and said this is not our fault it’s yours no need to call corporate.... wow next time I will go to CVS a horrible day st Walgreens!!

So,I'm in ur Germantown ave and Chelten Ave store, waiting for a very ignorant Jennifer, to check my meds. She is off the charts rude as well as verbally abusive. Literally, everytime I'm in this pharmacy there is an issue with your people. Jen will mock me as I explain to her that I've called ahead by a few hours. In addition, her appearance is nothing short of a disaster. She needs to put a comb through her hair and if 10 people were really ahead of me, that means she is not efficiently doing her job. She's worse than the "manager" up the street at another store who could not figure out how to take 70% off an item, lol.

I don't think I'll shop at Walgreens any more. They advertised on the media bias channel kezi in Eugene Oregon. If I need anything I'll go to Costco!

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Sherwin-Williams Paint Store – Rock Springs, WY

1984 Dewar Dr, Rock Springs, WY 82901 (307) 382-6179

3 days ago

Rich, modern traditions meet timeless tales of past generations in the Raconteur palette from our 2019 Colormix® Forecast. Learn more about these colors: http://bit.ly/2VbOJ1u.

Rich, modern traditions meet timeless tales of past generations in the Raconteur palette from our 2019 Colormix® Forecast. Learn more about these colors: bit.ly/2VbOJ1u. ... See MoreSee Less


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Christian Painters YouTube Video Customer Referrals www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA71570804D3A7342 Thank You #swcolorlove

Love it!!!

Judy Smith I found this tonight on FB. Maybe it it will give you ideas.

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Auto Zone – Rock Springs, WY

1285 Dewar Dr, Rock Springs, WY 82901 (307) 362-2700

3 days ago


Free battery testing from us to you. Let’s get through winter together. #GetInTheZone
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They need to be clear and say free battery installation for Certain vehicles! I have a 2015 Ford Fusion that they refused to put a battery in! Went to Advance Auto Simple turn of the wrenches, battery slid right out battery installed in 5MINUTES! The best part a female did it! #GOKAT

Frauds! AutoZone is holding $373.14 of mine because their website told me there was an error in the checkout process, so I ordered a part twice. Called immediately once I realized I got two separate confirmations (less than 10 hours from the order). Been getting the run-around for the last 5 days. It amazes me how quickly they take your money, but take their time giving it back when THEIR website was to blame for the mix-up.

Hola buena quiero saber cuánto es el precio por hacer un tune up a mí carro de cambio de aceite y filtro, por favor y gracias

Buenas tardes de casualidas venden este acople

Pregunta de casualidad venderan de este tipo de camisas..

O algún nunero

A que hora cierran

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Applebee’s in Rock Springs, WY

White Mountain Mall: 2491 Foothill Blvd, Rock Springs, WY 82901 (307) 362-0200

Get your fill of All You Can Eat Riblets, Tenders, and Shrimp.

Get your fill of All You Can Eat Riblets, Tenders, and Shrimp. ... See MoreSee Less


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Waited 35 minutes on a refil of tenders for my husband and they brought out 2 pieces... seriously waste of time

Michael Bisbee

Not worth going . Takes to long for reorders they give small portions and lots of fries. Left hungry got tired of waiting.

Waste if time only get little portions an take forever to get more an only can get one item at a time...

Arnall Dan

Went last night and the food was lacking. As a Applebee's regular I was sadly disappointed. The additional portions we're so small they didn't last while waiting on your next and the tenders are terrible. I will go back but won't order this.

Alexis Piele????

I stopped eating when I found a hair in my tenders. Our meal was free but yuck

Sinclair Ritter Marc Leininger

How long will this last

RiturajTorey Overfield treat from you guys for me 🤗🤗🤗

....and they let you switch up on refills 😊.

If u want CHICKEN....any way u like it, go t ours! Applebee’s must own a CHICKEN RANCH!!!! Told t Mgr. she said, chicken is cheap! Yukky

To nites service was fantastic

Don’t believe the lies. Might be all you can eat but will take a lifetime to actually get full with shrimp portions like this 🙄

Applebee’s has gone downhill. Used to be one of my favorite places to go. The ribs were gross ( boiled and pieces of bone spurs) really disgusted. My steak asked for medium rare came out raw. Gross mashed with chunks of hard potatoes. They don’t serve baked potato anymore either. So disappointed.

Same experience last week..hubby got all you can eat and when he asked for shrimp and tenders they came separately about 10 minutes apart and were tiny portions...he said no fries just tenders and they were sparse..three tiny pieces of chicken in the middle of a dinner plate....but the worst was the waitress...some people just aren't' meant to work with people...she was one of those...On the other hand, I had a rack of ribs and as usual the sauce was delicious and I really enjoyed my meal....garlic potatoes and garlic green beans...yum

My last visit was awe full brown lettuce rude server

We’ll be there next Saturday for our anniversary! Can’t wait 😋


The one I go to is fast and friendly just wish they had burger dips

Vanessa Orr just in case u need somewhere to eat look. Lol

Jan Kovac Brandon Marsola you guys were just texting about this....

My experience was about the same as a lot of other people. It was smaller portions and the wait was extensive, but the food, especially the riblets, were very good.

Waste of time long wait for 5 shrimp or 3 tiny tenders that look like the size of the shrimp!!! Dont waste ur money or time

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Walmart – Rock Springs, WY

201 Gateway Blvd, Rock Springs, WY 82901 (307) 362-1957

4 days ago

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23 ... See MoreSee Less


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When you have $97000 in student loans to get that job at Walmart.

Maybe it’s a business degree and he’s going be a manager over many store one day making 6 figures. Quit being mean to someone that went to college and has a job. Good for him. And he will need a degree and a masters to move up to corporate. Bunch of dumb idiots on here.

My daughter both worked at Wal-Mart while going to college!! Really helped us get through college!! Thank you Wal-Mart!! I shop with you a couple times every week!!!

Does anyone realize Walmart is one of the largest companies in the country and has great opportunities for college grads to work in high paying management positions and rise to executive levels? Why would anyone criticize this young man?

Maybe Kevin will finally open lane 13?

Rightttt Im sure he went to college to work at Walmart. There's probably just a limited amount of options for him and the same could be said for a lot of others in this economy. Im tired of Walmart posting things like this about their employees trying to fix their image. Your employees are still unhappy. Theyre kept under 30 hours to avoid giving benefits and many are on some form of government assistance. If you want to fix your image treat your employees better and let them share their positive experiences on THEIR terms. Not yours. You have a bad reputation as an employer for a reason. It's not just going to go away because you make some fresh out of college hire pose for a picture.

Well done Kev

Get out while you can Kevin, Walmart is a dead end job, that capitalizes on their workers hardship. Get out and save yourself.

congrats guy, i have worked for walmart for 12 years, i love it, sure there are good and bad days but that is everywhere. Our store has had a few great store managers that all started out as cart pushers and moved themselves up to store managers and when they left they got great marketing jobs or went to corporate, and i don't think one of them went to college and stop being so negative about someone that is doing well and i bet in years to come he will have his own store, one thing about walmart you can advance quickly. an again congrats to you young man, your the bomb!!!!!!!! To many negative nellies out there. Also walmart has great benefits, 401k, able to buy walmart stock and quartely bonus's. what big corporation does that anymore, I love my store 4284 or i would not still be working there!!!

Congrats Kevin. I used to work at Walmart until I had children. I hope you move up the ladder. Save Money Live Better 🥰

Knocking a brother for getting a job. I'm flabbergasted...

So EVERYBODY on here knows his story? Wow. I know people busting tables at restaurants because they cant get a job in their degree field. I'm sure he's applied for other jobs, but you have to start somewhere until other opportunities come through.

Kind of sad, I know right in the hardware department is the cover for that outlet on the wall for no more than $2 and Walmart still ain’t fixed this one in the pic. Smh

Never graduate college to work 11 dollars an hour

Goto school pay tens of thousands of dollars...get to work at walmart! Thats the American dream

Brothaaaaa from anothaaaa mothaaaaaaaa! 🤘🏻🍾🥂👍🏻 congratulations

$60k in debt to work at Walmart.

Wow, slightly avove minimum wage working 30 hours a week so your employer doesn't have to pay benefits! He's there because he has to be, not because he wants to.

Congrats on the job and the degree. My advice is you can judge a lot on a companies character. Seems like you have high praise there and that speaks volumes for a companies character.

Too bad he’s already not following dress code.


Proud of you Kevin Brian Joseph Jr.!!!!!


Good for them ..I got ripped off by photoshop staff at Juliet Ave North Naples 3 weeks ago..still not got a response !!

Walmart all the way

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