Chili’s – Laramie, WY

2523 Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 745-3540

Make room for our latest mesmerizing menu item: Mushroom Jack Chicken Fajitas. ... See MoreSee Less


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Not as good as the original

Why do they say on the TV that they r on the 3 for 10 but when you order there not

Not on menu in Oconomowoc WI. I even asked them and they said no. So irritating!!!!

Ate at Chili's on Saturday nite in Aliso Viejo. Food was not good. Original Chrispers were fried lije Crispy, fries were lukewarm, my husbands were so hot it burned his mouth. His burger was undercooked, he ask for well done and it was disappointed. Not sure we will ever go back. Your food was better before you went to your new menu. Sad

Julie Preskar could make it for me.

That's what I had for lunch today but it wasn't as full as this dish is!!!

To bad that it doesn’t look like that when you get it

Food has gone down hill. Will not go back

I love Chilis

Last night was our 24th Anniversary. My husband had thrown his back out so after driving around and doing the whole couples dinner dance "where do you wanna go ?" Whatever YOU want. "No, YOU pick" we opted for carry outs to quickly take home and watch the Packers and Brewers.. We pulled into the East Towne Madison Wisconsin Chili's lot and started putting in our order online. After a good 15 minutes of deciding and maneuvering the menu, we got the message they were not processing orders online at this time. Ugh. We called our order in, a dinner for 2 menu order. No cheesecake. Darn. The dinner was ready in 15 to 20 minutes as they said. Speedy transaction. Friendly. Went straight home to catch the rest of the games and found our ribs smashed on top of our potatoes and stuck to the foil in between. Terrible packaging job. They need to use separate containers and NO foil for any appetizers dishes containing melted cheese, like the cheesy fries and loaded potatoes we ordered. The original ribs were great, potatoes (what we could scrape off the foil ) were good, but the chocolate chip "pie" was hard as a rock and not edible. We'll be back but will def eat IN house!

Kristi Skelton

John Crawford looks delicious doesn’t it!

The mushroom jack fajitas arent on the 3 for 10 menu at the chilis i go to in Minnesota, but I question them on it and I've gotten them to do it for me every time but they act like they are doing me a favor!? It's being advertised on TV...why dont they wanna do it???

Then why won’t you being back the mushroom burger??

My question there cilantro in this dish? If so, it’s on the no, no menu. hate the stuff

My fave is back & on the 10.99 special! Already had them twice!!!!!

I thought Ruby Tuesdays had the most annoying commercials....I was wrong. Congrats, you win

Please bring back the Baked cinnamon apples!!!

You must come to Texas to eat real Mexican food🤤

Please bring back the Cheese Enchilidas!!!!!

Best item on the 3 for $10 menu.

Tried the chili’s 1975 tacos very good

Their food is disgusting all their food is disgusting

I will stick to regular faghitas

Looks very good dear yes indeed

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AT&T – Laramie, WY

1730 Grand Ave Suite 101, Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 742-2399

1 day ago


Thank you to our teams and the local community. We know the work isn’t over, and we won’t leave until it is. #HurricaneMichael ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey, ATT- how about an update on the general outage in DFW today? Calling & tweeting is getting zero response from you. Some people work from home & this is a huge customer service fail.

Why is that when you call AT&T service from an AT&T phone you get a recording saying that call cannot be completed at this time and disconnects you.

AT&T thanks for letting your paying customers know their internet service would be down due to a fire. You push all kinds of crap to our devices but this you ignore. TERRIBLE SERVICE AS USUAL.

The worse company experience ever, had to switch carriers constantly changing my payment due. Had to call to make sure all my services was cancel, they transfer about 4 times and they kept me on the phone for more than an hour. Now it will take about two months for my refund

My internet is down taking my land line with it. My ATT cellphone works for everyone but your support line. When I dial that number I get a recording saying that number can’t be reached. How do I get service The best phone company in the world reduced to a government bureaucracy of crap service and catch 22 dilemmas.

Internet and tv down since 10:30 here area code 75205 all I want is some tv on this rainy day. So cranky to see broadband blinking red I keep staring at it like GREEN please

I have to say I have AT&T, if I hadn’t them right now, everybody in my family had other providers and couldn’t get nothing on there phones during hurricane MIchael. I was the only one with service, til you have gone through what Florida is going through. Thank you AT&T’s

I have been on hold for over 20 minutes now. AT&T has always had the worst customer service along with updates. 50mbs in your area but you really only get 25mbs at most. How about I pay half the bill instead of the whole thing since I get half the service.

Why don't you provide updates and work harder to get service restored in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Estimating 24-48 hours is unacceptable

ATT is down cable and internet for most of North Texas and other states. From what I heard lightning struck one of the main servers and caused a huge fire. Have patience you guys.

That’s some good disaster planning by a major telecommunications company when one building fire can take out the internet for the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. Fine job...

Two chat sessions, and two visits to an AT&T store, and my phone which was reported as lost or stolen (and never was) is still not fixed. The last time I visted the store the guy said it would be fixed by Monday (and of course it’s not) and now I can’t even make an appointment online at the AT&T store??!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!

Don’t use AT&T phone, internet or direct tv service. Just save yourself the pain and aggravation. Tired of being lied to, sitting on hold for hours at a time, and talking to people in India who have no idea how their own policies and services are supposed to work. Cancellation fee is worth not having to deal with this, I wash my hands of this nonsense. Once again, don’t do this to yourself.

Currently at AT&T in egg harbor township NJ. Store staff is completely unorganized. 1 agent doing nothing, another agent talking about personal stories, another agent gave preferences to a pair of friends who got here last and are last on the list. And im here waiting already 30 minutes to pick up a phone. Just to pick up a phone 😐. People here waiting and no one seems to care. Bad bad customer service. If you come to egg harbor township NJ store make sure to bring snacks because you here for a while! I hope corporate sees this message and do something about it!!

When will the issue with servers in dallas be resolved? I was not able to complete my telecommute with work this morning due to your extremely slow server that i'm connected to in dallas. Newspapers are saying the issue is fixed, however it's clearly not. Not a fan of losing my work hours.

Very frustrating to be without internet. Instead of disabling the technical support phone line, how about sending out an explanation and apology. This makes us customers feel completely not valued. I expect these days to be comped from my bill. Fire or not it isn’t my problem.

Omg is this a joke or what. Two reps from at&t responded to me yesterday stating they are reviewing my account on yesterday and no one has reached back out to me. I have also reached out this Morning with no response. The reps are HenryE and HelenU

where do you find such rude, careless employees who show absolutely zero sympathy or understanding towards a customer? Jamecia in management was USELESS and rude and completely unphased by losing a customer

As a Panama City Beach resident, THANK YOU AT&T! My dad stayed through hurricane Michael and I never lost contact with him. My phone has been so reliable through this whole ordeal and I’ll now be a customer for life.

@at&t where the heck is the disaster recovery? Ur high cost, ridiculously high fees and monopoly should allow for an OFF SITE disaster recovery site!!!! Thats Tech 101! This is ridiculous!

I now believe that AT&T doesn’t truly care about their customers. 😪 So many people on here tried to tell me. I was too hard-headed to listen. Now I’m kicking myself.

32312 area code here. Got throttled today before the extended unlimited data and the CSR could only give me 1GB extra instead of the unlimited data till 10/21. I’m thankful for the extra data, however, your message and your actions are not aligned. I spoke to Lewis around 9pm EST.

In PORTLAND OREGON, and cant make calls anymore, data network doesn’t work for cellular OR WiFi.. bout to go back to Verizon!! Already did all the trouble shooting and waiting for “engineer” to call us today.. which I don’t know how since our phones don’t work.. Seems this is QUITE the problem to be had and we’re not alone! If your thinking about going with this company... DONT! Save your self the headache and BS! I’m amazed I can even get this posted!

I love AT&T, but we need help. 3170 southern ave. South Gate, CA 90280, The phone system is down in all building, because power failded frim passed wednesday. Thanks

I have been waiting almost a week to get answers as to why my cell and data service drop intermittently. So for a week, I have no/intermittent service, and ATT doesn't even bother to reach out for days. Then, they said they tried calling :(. Seriously? I don't have service. Literally no help from AT&T, but my Verizon line is working fine.

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Walmart – Laramie, WY

4308 Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 745-6100

3 hours ago


Yes, the Nickelodeon Toy Run is back, and yes you have to be a child to enter. (We know, every child of the 90’s has a fool-proof strategy for cart optimization.) Visit to enter and let the games begin!

The Nickelodeon Toy Run is back! This time, it’s family-style at Walmart.

3 lucky winners and 3 minutes of all they can fit in the cart up to $3,000. 10 runners-up will also each receive a $500 Walmart gift card. #AD rules and info on how to enter your family for a free chance to win go to:
... See MoreSee Less


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To bad my children are not allowed their own email address

Just as annoying as she was on dance moms

She is really obnoxious

Who’s dat?.....hmmm. I know the face looks fermiler to me...... Is that cuckoo Connie from jessie. the one that was crazy for Luke .............or am I think of a different person

Jeez take the voice down a few notches, Almost blew my speakers from your voice.

This is why Walmart has crapy carts

5* minute rule? I can remember when Nickelodeon had that toy run from Toys R Us; I think it was in 1985 or 86. I had entered, but didn't win.

Too bad they don't have "runs" for adults or I'd get all kinds of stuff like food, electronics, etc. I'd have to have help, though, because I can't get a lot of stuff in 3 minutes. What happened to the *5* minute rule? I can remember when Nickelodeon had that toy run from Toys R Us; I think it was in 1985 or 86. I had entered, but didn't win.

Oh well. I entered but apparently my kid isnt eligible because she's 4. She loves toys too! She'd probably pick all kinds of Shimmer and Shine toys, Paw Patrol and maybe be nice and pick some Thomas or Blaze stuff for her little brother.

This is really awesome! The only problem is that they will never find a Walmart that is actually well stocked for a kid to get anything they really want lol.

Can you not be so loud? Jesus!

My daughter says she wants to win the run but please don't have Jojo there lol

Natalie Wiza! I know you’ve got mad skills!

Jojo is being inclusive to hearing impaired.

I.m grandkids love to shopping

Thanks a lot for screaming at the top of yo lug. You broke my tablet’s speakers 😡

Kyle Bascom is this shawna's kid?

Dee Marie Buskirk Korina Swarms..... this voice🤐🤐🤐🤐. Who does it remind you of?

I'm just trying to figure out why she's yelling. I'm sure we can all hear perfectly fine


I am so glad that JoJo is the one to get famous... She was by far the nicest most honest girl of the group

Walmart exactly what day is this going to be

Is she drunk?

That is not a safe use of a shopping cart.

Maria Fuentes Maria Lazo sign up girls I did Abby already lol 🤗

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The UPS Store – Laramie, WY

514 Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 742-2223

1 day ago

The UPS Store
Like any tool, email can be an innovative way to market your small biz, or it can flood your customers inbox and be reported as junk. Here are some simple do’s and don’t’s to make sure you always fall in the first category:

Like any tool, email can be an innovative way to market your small biz, or it can flood your customer's inbox and be reported as junk. Here are some simple do’s and don’t’s to make sure you always fall in the first category: ... See MoreSee Less

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Dollar Tree – Laramie, WY

4037 Grand Ave b, Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 745-8432

12 hours ago

Dollar Tree

Light your Halloween party and decorate your house with these adorable and spooky-safe “mummified” candles! ... See MoreSee Less


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My card was charged twice and now I'm getting the run around. On the first charge, the receipt didn't print so Scott, the cashier, said it didn't go through. Then he rung me up again. The receipt had low ink, so I can't read the transaction numbers at the bottom of the receipt. My bank statement clearly shows two charges, back to back. This is ridiculous.

Had to share the cute table decoration I made for only $6

I placed an order online that I never received. I've been on hold for over half an hour waiting for someone to pick up so I can get things straightened out!

Is that cute little vampire figure they have there from Dollar Tree? Love him!

So cute.

Brittany Clark

Katy Leverette

Heather Pettis

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