Sears – Casper, Wyoming

Eastridge Mall: 701 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 261-4900

7 hours ago

Bake up a storm during #NationalBakingMonth with the Kenmore Ovation! 🍞🍪🍰 Whip up batches of baked goods in record time—and with noticeably less mess. 
✔️patented pour-in top
✔️removable 360º splash guard
✔️5-qt. glass bowl with LED light
✔️10-speed 500-watt motor
✔️8 custom accessories & attachments

Bake up a storm during #NationalBakingMonth with the Kenmore Ovation! 🍞🍪🍰 Whip up batches of baked goods in record time—and with noticeably less mess.
✔️patented pour-in top
✔️removable 360º splash guard
✔️5-qt. glass bowl with LED light
✔️10-speed 500-watt motor
✔️8 custom accessories & attachments
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link expired?

That is the best mixer I’ve ever used and owned A+!

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Ross – Casper

Eastridge Mall: 601 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 232-9867

2 days ago

Ross Dress for Less
Organize and spruce up your space without the spend.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Muy lindos todos.

Victoria Aldana look at these beautiful tables 😍 love the middle one for your room

Victoria Bowman your desk is on here.

Went to find a new desk chair today but none to be found.

Jaleesa Bland look at the desk chair.

This lady April Brown is claiming she brought over 800 Michael Kors bags from Ross as you will see in the photo and the bags are fake

Vicky oria Ibarra Fernandez wished my house looked like this!



Ross is coming to Los Luna's I can't wait.

I have to Ross stores near me. The one at Hamilton Place, Chattanooga Tennessee is my favorite store. It was my secret store for a long time. And people started going and shopping there. This store is set up so nice. It has a sort of Macy look. It is set up so nice. You can find all kind of stuff there. I have bought tea towels to furniture in that store. That store is a AAA store. Boy was I excited to know I was getting a Ross near me in Georgia. Fort olg. On Battlefield parkway. I'm close to both about 20 minutes. But the one on battlefield parkway is a nasty store it is setup like tar sale clothes. Now the linen area is ok. But the clothes look like there yard sale clothes. I down know if they have different people setting these stores up but this store you go in it there's hardly anyone in it. When I found out this store was in my neighborhood I was on cloud nine. But this store gets a C- for appearing and and clothes. People don't know there one in Hamilton Place go there. It's better.

If you want free makeup toys for your kids shoes anything that Amazon has you will love this app all you got to do is Download Verydice app roll🎲and do a couple of surveys with in a week I got free primer and brushes points add up fast use my code 2987817 and get 50 free rolls and guess what you don’t need to use your credit card no info needed and it’s all shipped through amazon free shipping also as long as you got enough points for item free shipping in 2 days it sound crazy but it’s true! This is legit Promise you look it up yourself nothing beats FREE!🤗😉👌 give a try you will not regret!!! 23 redeem gifts and counting in less then 2 months!

I love the treasures I find at Ross, but they sure know how to torture customers!! 27 min in line today... 😬

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Macy’s – Casper, WY

501 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 268-6000

2 weeks ago

The best resolutions are the ones you stick to.

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I am not going to say that I hate Macy’s, but I was disappointed in the way a package and its contents were received during the holidays. The ornaments ordered were out of there box and there was a broken one. Decided not to make an issue out of the incident, but thought something so breakable should have had better packaging. Thank you!

Macys has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I purchased a $90 moisturizer from Macy’s as a gift for someone. When I received it I pulled the item out of the envelope packaging to find it covered in black grease. The shirt I was wearing was completely ruined. Not to mention the box itself had been beat up in damage. I called Macy’s customer service and was told I had to return it in person to an actual store. I wiped the item down and brought it in store to return. Macy’s wouldn’t even refund me what I paid for shipping on this trash item. Horrible customer service. PS you guys owe me a shirt

I can say I’ve finally may have made my last Macy’s purchase if this issue is not resolved. I have placed over 6 different orders to Macy’s this holiday season and I just received my final one and shocker, the wrong item was shipped. I contacted Macy’s and was told the item was no longer available and my money would be credited back to my account. When I checked the website, the item is still available but it is no longer on sale. Just because Macy’s messed up my order I should not be at fault for the sale being over. I have spent over 10 hours since November talking to customer service between getting duplicate charges for transactions, wrong items being sent, and being told items I have purchased are unavailable in fact they are.

To the gentleman working in the shoe department at Robinson today around 12 pm, your attitude sucks and you should not be working with the public! Thank you to the very kind manager who actually helped us!

Anyone who happens to read this: DO NOT ORDER furniture from Macy's. It is unreliable and the customer service is pathetic. I ordered a couch from the furniture department and had the WORST experience with the delivery. Twice the delivery was cancelled/no-shows and I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY NOTIFICATION. I had to call customer service myself and see what was going on. The first delivery I was assured the delivery driver's were running behind schedule and they were planning to arrive at my house at 8:30pm. (The original delivery time was supposed to be by 3:00pm). I essentially waited all day and night for them, and they ultimately were no-shows. Never did I receive any call from Macy's, even two days after it was supposed to be delivered. I don't think they were ever going to contact me. I was ready to cancel my order, but I wanted to give them another try because I liked the couch. The SECOND delivery (several weeks after I was originally supposed to get my delivery) was also a NO SHOW. The delivery was cancelled for some reason and the in-store representative could give me no answers why. I will NEVER purchase furniture from Macy's again. A complete waste of time. Save yourself the trouble and buy from a local privately-owned furniture store, the customer service is so much better, prices are fairer, and they won't gouge you with the delivery fee's either.

Disappointed in macys and their lack of customer service

When you ask for a refund don't expect it even though customer service tells you they have issued it. I have requested a refund twice for the same item I had not received due to delays in shipping. This issue is still pending and is currently a 2 and half month saga going on 3. Customer service will lie to you and I learned the hard way. Definitely will not be ordering from Macy's again.

Horrible place to buy anything online buyer beware if you have to return anything huge hassle to get your money back and long wait time even after the item has been returned to the warehouse...still do not credit your account...if call to try to speak to someone you are on hold wait time very long and then you’ll have to speak to someone who speaks very limited English and can’t understand what they’re saying and they give you the runaround and you have to keep calling and emailing and calling and emailing still have not got my return....

Never again will I give Macy’s my business! Received a necklace as a gift from someone for Christmas who had spent slot of money on it! Within a week it broke! I had the orinigal receipt and brought the necklace back to see if it could be repaired. They told me I needed to “take better care of my jewelry” very rudely! Number 1) you never blame the customer and 2) a high quality necklace shouldn’t break after a week. This isn’t the first time I have received bad service and Macy’s but it will definitely be my last!

Can you tell me why Macy’s uses false advertising and Bait and switch tactics? I’m not happy with a problem order and just get bogus information

What happened to your customer guys used to be the best company, now I dread having to interact with the store or your associates. I returned all 4 new years eves dresses because your associate didn't remove any of the censors so i couldnt attend the out of town event I wanted. Now today you text about a flash sale for clearance coats but then your agent says it's only for full price coats!!

For internet order 1568953849, your reps tell me that T-Fal 3-Pk. Non-Stick Fry Pan Set is on indefinite backorder (Web ID: 5674507). However on the product page the item shows In stock: Usually ships within 2 business days. The rep could not give me clear answer as to the discrepancy and when I asked to speak to a supervisor they just hung up. When I emailed your customer service, they asked me to call this same number. What kind of customer support is this?

What happens if I have a shirt with a security tag still on but I cant find my receipt? 🤔🤔

You guys lost my online order refunded my purchase and then offered to reorder the same item for a higher price! You all are fraudulent!

I ordered boots on 12/23, they arrived via mail on 1/2/19, and it was someone else’s order and their shoes. I called Macy’s to notify them of their mistake. I received my shoes that I ordered but they didn’t fit. On 1/8 I went to Macy’s to return both shoes and they told me I have to wait 7-10 business days for my refund even though it was their screwup. Macy’s has horrible customer service towards their good customers. Beware of their mistake, you’ll be the one paying for it!

Don’t buy anything from Macy’s I have been waiting over a month for a refund!! Called twice and was told “ the warehouse is looking for your item” worst customer service ever!!

Purchased some very nice leather furniture there several years ago. The sales person was excellent, the furniture was excellent quality and the delivery people were great. Just do not recommend purchasing extended warranty. I was denied repair on my electric recliner even when it said in my warrant it was covered. Just paid a qualified repairman to fix it. I was told to send a private message to Macys and I did but no response.

Horrific customer service experience - had to call multiple times to try to get an order processed that had not arrived from an online order. Reps seemed to not understand what they were doing at all. This will definitely be my first and last time ordering through them - I get things happen, but when things can't be corrected efficiently I'm not about to waste my time here again.

Got a giftcard for Christmas, nothing in store I wanted. Tried to order, you need $99 worth for free shipping!?! How do you stay in business?

Just wanted to give a shout out to Macy’s and it’s 14 million followers to let you all know what kind of shady business they run and their terrible customer service. I canceled my Macy’s card today after being a loyal customer for many many years. I placed an order on 1/10/19 for a ship to store. I received an email yesterday stating my order was canceled and to call the number provided. When I called I was connected to the fraud department. After speaking with a rep they told me my order was canceled because my account was flagged for excessive coupon use... yes you heard that right the coupons it asks you online of which ones you would like to use for your order. The order I placed was for 58 dollars and they offered a 10 dollar birthday coupon which I hit apply. I asked the rep to transfer me to a supervisor because what I was hearing was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard... I received another rep not a supervisor and she told me I was red flagged and placed on the “abuse” list for getting to many discounts !!!! She also informed me I call too much and ask them to lower the price??? That’s a thing you can really do that ?? Because I do not and the only time I had a problem was 2 years ago when I ordered 500 dollars in bedding and the one comforter was ripped. When I called they offered to refund my money or send me a new one.. I choose a new one. When I said this a joke I just want to cancel my account I do not want to dispute bogus accusations I’m done being treated like this for being a loyal customer for years. She said I was welcome to still shop in the store I was just flagged from shopping online.. I hope someone is following this because it’s not even believable. The supervisor I spoke with told me they same thing and could not tell me the exact reasons why and just kept typing into their computer. If my account is being flagged someone should be able to at least verify WHY.. she basically told me to bad and I was welcome to still shop in store but my abuse of discounts led me to have my online shopping privileges revoked. When I finally as sent to retention and just said close my card they said you have been a valid customer for so long is there any way we can keep your business. I said yes take this flag of my account and their answer was we can’t but you can still shop in the store and we will send you some COUPONS 😂!! I’m not even kidding.. needless to say I will never shop at Macy’s again and I’m going to tell everyone I possibly can about this humiliating experience. I have already reached out to the BBB and filed a complaint and have been contacted by someone who is working on this very matter because apparently I am not the only customer to have been treated like this.. if this has happened to you please contact me and I will add your name to a list for a lawyer who is working on this. As for Macy’s no wonder your company is going down the drain if this is the way you treat your loyal customers who use the coupons you offer !! Shame on you...

When is your next one day sale? Missed the one in January..

Very bad customer service by phone, they don't fix your problem never

It's been 12 days since I sent my coat back. It was too big. I still haven't received my refund. My next step is the BBB. I'm doubtful about returning as a customer. My first return in 5 yrs. Bad experience.

I NEVER post online, and have never posted on a business website, but.....Worst customer service ever. I ordered shoes for pick up store, got an email that they were ready for pickup 5 states away?? Not sure how that happened since I login and see my home store is still designated the one up the road from my house. Called not once or twice, but EIGHT TIMES NOW. Still no resolution. Do you really not have a method to transfer a pickup order to a different store???? I continue to be transferred to "online specialists" and their best and only solution is to wait for the original order to be expire and auto-refunded, wait for the money to come back, then re-order. Seriously? I can figure that much out myself, why would I call (multiple times) Macys to get that advice? Not to mention you are out of my size online now so I can't reorder them. At one point it seemed an associated was going to help, then they hung up, I called back and left my phone number and was told she would call me when she finished her current call...that was 3 days ago. I am literally never shopping at Macys again. In today's day when online shopping is so prevalent, this type of service is unacceptable.

I have shopped in Macy's online for a very long time and a frequent shopper and when I shop I shop big and I have never encountered the problem until my last November 11th 2018 shopping I ordered boots online with a pick up from the store (memorial city mall Houston Texas) after few days I received an email saying they sorry they don't have the item in the store and if I want I can have it shipped to me, I accepted the shipping and after sometime I received an email saying my order was delivered, I went home and nothing was delivered to my leasing office because that's where every order goes. I followed up with the post office guy and looked up and he didn't receive anything, went back to my leasing office they too haven't received anything because normally they will send a text message for alerting me . Ok I decided to give sometime and called Macy's and they agreed to refund me the money after so so days I will receive the refund in my account but never did until today, I decided to call the only to get to a department that was asking for my social security number, date of birth I gave them all that and I asked them why ? That all I needed is my credit I'm not interested in those boots anymore and believe I don't like how I have be treated with you Macy's please refund me my money and let's part ways peacefully.

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Walmart – Casper WY

4400 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 237-0991

4 days ago

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23 ... See MoreSee Less


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When you have $97000 in student loans to get that job at Walmart.

Maybe it’s a business degree and he’s going be a manager over many store one day making 6 figures. Quit being mean to someone that went to college and has a job. Good for him. And he will need a degree and a masters to move up to corporate. Bunch of dumb idiots on here.

My daughter both worked at Wal-Mart while going to college!! Really helped us get through college!! Thank you Wal-Mart!! I shop with you a couple times every week!!!

Does anyone realize Walmart is one of the largest companies in the country and has great opportunities for college grads to work in high paying management positions and rise to executive levels? Why would anyone criticize this young man?

Maybe Kevin will finally open lane 13?

Rightttt Im sure he went to college to work at Walmart. There's probably just a limited amount of options for him and the same could be said for a lot of others in this economy. Im tired of Walmart posting things like this about their employees trying to fix their image. Your employees are still unhappy. Theyre kept under 30 hours to avoid giving benefits and many are on some form of government assistance. If you want to fix your image treat your employees better and let them share their positive experiences on THEIR terms. Not yours. You have a bad reputation as an employer for a reason. It's not just going to go away because you make some fresh out of college hire pose for a picture.

Well done Kev

Get out while you can Kevin, Walmart is a dead end job, that capitalizes on their workers hardship. Get out and save yourself.

congrats guy, i have worked for walmart for 12 years, i love it, sure there are good and bad days but that is everywhere. Our store has had a few great store managers that all started out as cart pushers and moved themselves up to store managers and when they left they got great marketing jobs or went to corporate, and i don't think one of them went to college and stop being so negative about someone that is doing well and i bet in years to come he will have his own store, one thing about walmart you can advance quickly. an again congrats to you young man, your the bomb!!!!!!!! To many negative nellies out there. Also walmart has great benefits, 401k, able to buy walmart stock and quartely bonus's. what big corporation does that anymore, I love my store 4284 or i would not still be working there!!!

Congrats Kevin. I used to work at Walmart until I had children. I hope you move up the ladder. Save Money Live Better 🥰

Knocking a brother for getting a job. I'm flabbergasted...

So EVERYBODY on here knows his story? Wow. I know people busting tables at restaurants because they cant get a job in their degree field. I'm sure he's applied for other jobs, but you have to start somewhere until other opportunities come through.

Kind of sad, I know right in the hardware department is the cover for that outlet on the wall for no more than $2 and Walmart still ain’t fixed this one in the pic. Smh

Never graduate college to work 11 dollars an hour

Goto school pay tens of thousands of dollars...get to work at walmart! Thats the American dream

Brothaaaaa from anothaaaa mothaaaaaaaa! 🤘🏻🍾🥂👍🏻 congratulations

$60k in debt to work at Walmart.

Wow, slightly avove minimum wage working 30 hours a week so your employer doesn't have to pay benefits! He's there because he has to be, not because he wants to.

Congrats on the job and the degree. My advice is you can judge a lot on a companies character. Seems like you have high praise there and that speaks volumes for a companies character.

Too bad he’s already not following dress code.


Proud of you Kevin Brian Joseph Jr.!!!!!


Good for them ..I got ripped off by photoshop staff at Juliet Ave North Naples 3 weeks ago..still not got a response !!

Walmart all the way

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JCPenney – Casper, WY

Eastridge Mall: 301 Wyoming Blvd SE, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 577-1612 

11 hours ago

Tailgates to touchdowns. 🏈 Shop styles for the big game.

Tailgates to touchdowns. 🏈 Shop styles for the big game. ... See MoreSee Less


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Love JCPenney 😍

Love that jacket!!! I have a $15 birthday coupon... and 10% off for a survey.... hummmm! 😍

Y el many.

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