Macy’s – Casper, WY

501 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 268-6000

10 hours ago

Have your pick — racer striped wedges or sock booties for fall.

Have your pick — racer striped wedges or sock booties for fall. ... See MoreSee Less


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Love the Sock Bootie

Are you kidding??? I love boots...these are hideous!!😱

The link doesn't have either of the booties. Can you provide links to them?

Lord, have mercy. I want them both 😍

Zebra hoof and a sock over a boot? Lol

Geez, why can't I get advertisements from Macy's for boots that I'd actually wear?? This is at least the 2nd time this fall! These both look ridiculous!


What in the...????

No thanks. Don’t like either of them.

I'm having trouble paying my Macy's card balance because I'm in Canada, can I pay in person in cash in your store in Bufalo?

Racing Stripe!!

Divine duo

Very nice! 🦋🤗🦋🤗

Just wrong

I like these

Those are horrible.

You need to offer them in wides not just the comfort lines I love these and Vince Camuto but can buy them

Heals are to high for me

No thanks

Just awful.

No thanks

U G L Y !!

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Walmart – Casper WY

4400 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 237-0991

3 hours ago


Yes, the Nickelodeon Toy Run is back, and yes you have to be a child to enter. (We know, every child of the 90’s has a fool-proof strategy for cart optimization.) Visit to enter and let the games begin!

The Nickelodeon Toy Run is back! This time, it’s family-style at Walmart.

3 lucky winners and 3 minutes of all they can fit in the cart up to $3,000. 10 runners-up will also each receive a $500 Walmart gift card. #AD rules and info on how to enter your family for a free chance to win go to:
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To bad my children are not allowed their own email address

She is really obnoxious

This is why Walmart has crapy carts

Who’s dat?.....hmmm. I know the face looks fermiler to me...... Is that cuckoo Connie from jessie. the one that was crazy for Luke .............or am I think of a different person

Just as annoying as she was on dance moms

Oh well. I entered but apparently my kid isnt eligible because she's 4. She loves toys too! She'd probably pick all kinds of Shimmer and Shine toys, Paw Patrol and maybe be nice and pick some Thomas or Blaze stuff for her little brother.

This is really awesome! The only problem is that they will never find a Walmart that is actually well stocked for a kid to get anything they really want lol.

My daughter says she wants to win the run but please don't have Jojo there lol

Can you not be so loud? Jesus!

Jeez take the voice down a few notches, Almost blew my speakers from your voice.

Natalie Wiza! I know you’ve got mad skills!

Jojo is being inclusive to hearing impaired.

Thanks a lot for screaming at the top of yo lug. You broke my tablet’s speakers 😡

I'm just trying to figure out why she's yelling. I'm sure we can all hear perfectly fine

Kyle Bascom is this shawna's kid?


Wow she's annoying

I am so glad that JoJo is the one to get famous... She was by far the nicest most honest girl of the group

Walmart exactly what day is this going to be

Is she drunk?

Maria Fuentes Maria Lazo sign up girls I did Abby already lol 🤗

That is not a safe use of a shopping cart.

Marianne Elizabeth

Never heard of her

Wait so the kids get to keep all the toys they pick out?

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JCPenney – Casper, WY

Eastridge Mall: 301 Wyoming Blvd SE, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 577-1612 

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Sears – Casper, Wyoming

Eastridge Mall: 701 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 261-4900

3 days ago

$5K Fan Cave = serious GOALS 🏈🙌 Play our *FANtasy Fan Cave Sweepstakes* daily thru 2/1/19 for a chance to win the fan cave of your dreams! No purchase necessary. See site for details →

$5K Fan Cave = serious GOALS 🏈🙌 Play our *FANtasy Fan Cave Sweepstakes* daily thru 2/1/19 for a chance to win the fan cave of your dreams! No purchase necessary. See site for details → ... See MoreSee Less


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Always did great with Kidvantage for our son when he was growing up. Bought our first appliances there when we got married. Basically bought everything there. Even my Mom is buried in a beautiful skirt suit, blouse, undies, nylons, jewelry, everything from Sears except her shoes. We still always go to the Sears first when we go to a mall, but sadly there isn't much in them and many local Sears have closed. Always loved their catalogs and Wish Books at Christmas time. My mother would order from the catalog and the same man used to deliver. We got to know him like a friend. Remember their candy and nut counter. Had pictures of our son taken there over the years. So many memories. Will miss Sears if it totally disappears. 😔 Sadly the quality of their appliances, tools, etc. decreased. It's not the same Sears it used to be. It used to be Wonderful! Don't judge it by what you see today or how their products are now. Years ago it really was the place where America shopped and it was great. Couldn't be beat once upon a time. 😓

I went to Sears today, here is my story...... I take my daughter to Sears, I am there to buy clothes for me, my significant other and my daughter.I had $15 freecash available according to the website that is set to expire tomorrow 10/16/2018. I get 2 dress shirts with tie sets, two pairs of men's jeans, a men's sweater,two men's polo shirts, 3 matching separates for my daughter,a pair of junior's jeans, 8 5.99 and 7.99 long sleeve tees, a jean jacket from juniors, a pair of black pants from junior's , two double-breasted wool winter coats one for my daughter one for myself, fleece-lined tights, wine-colored ankle height boots for my daughter, various underpinnings, for everyone, socks , a pair of jeans for myself , a pair of grey pants,a shirt and a sweater from land's end, 2 hat, gloves, and scarf sets to match the coats, and 2 matching separates from the women's department . All told, $613 and change. I go to the register, and my free cash (which is the ONLY reason I even bothered going there in the first place) offer did not work. I bring up my SYW account on my phone while in the store, the voice on the phone argued with me saying these $112 dollars in offers for specific departments were not attached to my account. So I walk out of the store, go to the food court,grab a pizza,get ready to go home and I am ready to call it a night and never go back to Sears again. I walk through Sears to get to my car ,my daughter is upset because there were things she really wanted as this is pretty much our Christmas because of impending medical issues.The store manager was able to correct the wrong.Sears corporate was willing to let a $613 sale walk away because they wanted to prevent someone from using a $15 coupon . Let that sink in, a fully provable, valid $15 coupon. This is one of the many things that is wrong with Sears.

We never ever had a problem with Sears we always had good customer service so sad to see them go. Raised our kids on a Sears credit card when they were small from school clothes to Christmas presents all our appliances came from Sears with no issues. All the employees were always friendly and helpful.

Sears I love going to your stores. It’s sad to see you go. I always support my local stores and not Amazon. Please send this to your parents company’s executives. Best way to make it is to make the stores smaller. I live in the Vegas Valley and 2 Sears locations at the boulevard Mall and Meadows Mall. Both are big and should be downsized. Also decrease your inventory, so much stuff not being sold. Update the computer systems. With the one at the boulevard mall it’s 2 stories. Sell that lower level off and sell or lease half of the first floor. That will help you make money back. Also put a little more then just clothes electronics or appliances. Do food if anything. Do somewhat like Walmart. I know that your probably won’t want to do that but it will do good and help make a lot of money. This is all for the executives of Sears Holdings.

Sears used to be the place to go to buy just about anything you needed, clothes,toys,tools,appliances and they even sold pre-fabricated houses. Unfortunately poor management decisions has spelled disaster for a once proud company. When Sears bought K-Mart I knew at that time it was only a matter of time before bankruptcy would call. My most recent experience was an eye opener. The mall opened at 10am, Sears doesn’t open until 11am. Shelves were bare, no toys at all. This was at an upscale mall in Peoria, Az. So you can thank Sears management for for driving it in the ground. Sad day for an American Icon.

Can you guys afford to give away 5K???

I love Sears I grew up going to Sears buying from Sears maybe us customers should buy stock in the company lets go old school grassroots and save the company

So Sears is filing for bankruptcy. Can't say I feel sorry for you. I was a platinum customer. In 2014 I purchased a patio table. The original one that was delivered was in such poor shape that even the delivery guy was embarrassed. The guys who came with the replacement walked right past the original patio tables that I had all boxed up in the driveway and took away one of my good patio tables. I called Sears to complain and they refused to return my good patio table or take away the POS they left in my driveway. And they told me that they did not need or want my business in the future. I cancelled the USD 20,000 order for doors and windows that was open. And I have not done business with them since. It looks like Sears was successful in driving away a lot of customers that they did not need or want. I congratulate them on their success.

So is Sears closing stores? I'm concerned because i purchase all of my appliances through Sears and tires too. I seriously feel some type of way. Considering the fact I just ordered tires just a few days ago and the rep told us they can't get them in or order anything because of the bankruptcy. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't want to do business with Pepboys or Firestone! 🤬

How about you fix my vans stereo you broke??? I went into sears auto center to get my vans alternator fixed and left with a broken factory stereo! What did they say? I can’t prove they broke it or that it wasn’t broken before I went in. WHAT!? I bet if my name was Adam Smith they would have fixed it with no questions asked. But now I am a mom of three, work 3 jobs and my husband works full time and goes to school but we can’t afford to fix it. I have no stereo/dvd player bc of SEARS AUTO CENTER 😭 MAKE IT RIGHT SEARS.

I’ve always tried hard to support my local store. I bought a washer there 6 months ago. It broke 2 weeks ago. I have the warranty and paid for the protection plan. The part needed is no longer available. My washer needs to be replaced. But they won’t replace it. I’ve spent $1500.00 and now can’t get help. I will not buy anything from your store again!

Run into the ground by incompetent management. Maybe he can get a job at GE.

If you guys had a true CEO that cared about business and wasn't a hedge fund manager you would have survived. Just imagine if you folks would have ditched the Kmart name and turned all of your then 2,000 locations into Super Sears with tools, appliances clothing , food vision, photography and beauty center. You would have hurt Walmart and quite possibly put Target out of business. I am very depressed over what's happened to Sears.

It's a shame that the CEO of Sears has not been sharp enough to revamp the company. There's plenty of different directions you could have gone 5 years ago when you all started dropping like a rock. You should have changed your failed sales focus from the awful clothing line you had and other what not trinkets and junk and concentrated on what you used to be good at. You can't hold a light to Walmart so you should have changed course and concentrate heavily on being a high end appliance center, expanded your tool department, and brought your automotive center back front and center with a largely expanded tires and service and concentrated on your lawn mowers and expanded that into a large selection of zero turns and side by sides like Scag and CanAm etc instead of trying to sell china junk. You could have picked up several name brands of well built items such a Stihl chainsaws and such as well. In stead you just kept beating the same ole drum expecting a different result. I hate to see you go, especially when you could have done better. When you walk into your store it's like walking into a warehouse full of blue office cubicles, it has no caricature whatsoever. Take a look at Lowes and Home Depot appliance department and then look at yours, notice anything different? There are 1000 more changes I would make and I would make a little bet that it could still be turned around unless you've totally waited to long. Make some changes and start at the top, fire everyone involved and clean house. Or become another has been Montgomery Ward and JC Penney's

Man, I'll be sorry to see Sears go.

So a CEO is supposed to bring in the money. What's exciting about buying a pair of pants. You need to bring an experience to your customer. I'm going to make a prediction. A few 1000 will loose their jobs and the CEO will leave with a 20 million golden parachute. Because win or loose the top people always come out ahead.

It would of been nice to just file bankrupt instead of resorting to stealing from your customers first. 50 days now they stole $500 from me, sending me a damaged product. It all makes sense now, how they kept pushing my refund off. Shame on you sears

I will miss my Sears I grew up shopping there 😞

I loved Sears... Until they cheapened the Craftsman tool line to gimmicky junk and outsourced production to China. If I'm going to buy cheap Chinese junk, I'm sure not going to pay Craftsman prices for it.

I loved Sears and was loyal but I see why they didn’t survive.😳 sad but the customer was not considered valuable unless they were spending. After purchase everything was a hassle!

What is going to happen with in home service contracts? Can I put a claim in now for what was paid for?

That is so sad. My daughter worked at the one in Humble. It help her get the experience she needed.

Moving on in my life I haven't thought about my employment with Sears 8 years ago. What I do know is I was wrongfully terminated. I put in my two weeks at Sears after a year, I worked my 1st week, the next week I wasn't on the schedule so I left. Sears put me as non-rehirablrle for job abandonment when I wasn't on the schedule. Don't get me wrong I have grown and moved on. I'm doing a lot better then I was at 19 I just don't think it was fair.

Sorry to see you go, but seriously, your CEO was famously CRAZY, and your company let him continue at the helm. Why on earth didn't you replace him with someone sane who could have returned Sears to normal? Nobody wants to see Sears fail, but jeez, it's like your company board insisted on it. There was literally nothing we customers could do to help you, because your own company kept shooting itself, with Lampert as the gun.


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Ross – Casper

Eastridge Mall: 601 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609 (307) 232-9867

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Ross Dress for Less

From glasses and plates to trays and platters, entertain in style all season long. #yesforless ... See MoreSee Less


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That is so beautiful!!

Maria Ignacio ganda

Uay q bello Vanne Molina Osalde


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